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It's our attention to detail that sets us apart and puts a smile on your face

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Mike has been setting standards since 1969, an Australian dive pioneer

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A guide to some of our favourite reef creatures and where you'll see them

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We are committed to environmental preservation and conservation

About Us

“Mike Ball of Mike Ball Dive Expeditions is the only Australian dive operator who can honestly say he caters to all styles of diving…

If you are a beginner, you can get instruction. If you are qualified but inexperienced you can get a dive guide who is a qualified divemaster or instructor to be your buddy. That is their job and they get paid for it. If you wish to buddy dive and have a suitable buddy, you may do so. If you came alone, the crew will help you meet with likeminded divers on board. And, if you are experienced and have a redundant spare air supply such as a pony bottle with an independent regulator, you may solo dive.

This service is dedicated to giving divers the best possible experience commensurate with their ability and interest. It provides choice instead of treating everyone at the lowest common denominator. And it promotes excellence rather than mediocrity.” – Undercurrent, 2001