Hire Gear

Expedition prices include cylinders and weight belts however if you need additional dive gear this can be rented onboard the vessel – price list below.

Wetsuits:  We recommend wrist to ankle coverage with a 3mm full wetsuit in the warmer months (Nov – Feb) and a 5mm full wetsuit in the cooler months (Mar – Oct). Minimum recommended requirement when diving – wrist to knee coverage.

Gloves:  We have a no glove policy on all dives with the exception of the shark dives. For these, we recommend black hood and gloves.

Tanks:  There are 42 tanks onboard Spoilsport: Air or Nitrox. Two thirds average 10.3 L (80 cuft) and one third average 11.3L (88 cuft).  All Air and Nitrox cylinder valves are compatible with both US yoke (UK A clamp) and European DIN style regulators.

GPS:  Mike Ball Dive Expeditions provides all divers with a Nautilus Lifeline GPS for use during the expedition.

Sizing:  Please view size chart. We recommend you bring your own wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins as some divers find hire gear does not fit them well.

We cannot cater to children’s gear hire requirements. It is strongly recommended that children bring their own wetsuit, mask and fins.   

Hire Gear
Reg, Ocy, Gauges$15/day
Snorkel Gear$5/day
Safety Sausage (SMB)No charge
Nautilus Lifeline GPSNo charge
All of the above$44/day
2L (13 cu.ft) Pony Bottle + Reg$15/day
15L (120 cu.ft) Steel Bottle$25/day
Nitrox Fills$25/day