Rebreather Service

In 2007 Mike Ball Dive Expeditions initiated another Queensland first by developing the capability to offer rebreather divers a comprehensive service on board. Several key staff members are trained in rebreather use and in deep technical diving. As a result, we are able to offer the rebreather diver unparalleled opportunities in the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea and in the Torres Straits. The introduction of rebreathers aboard Spoilsport led directly to the discovery of the fabulous Deep Sea Arcade, a benchmark dive site in the 70 metre range at Osprey Reef. [See article in the News section]

Rebreather Diver Requirements and Procedures:

Please note: Expeditions are allowed a maximum of 4 Rebreathers. Prior to booking, please complete and return the Rebreathers Diver Record which specifies the various procedures and prerequisites of our rebreather service.

Rebreather Service Includes:

  • Oxygen supplied to order, fee applies
  • MBDE Rebreather Pre-Dive Checklist for added safety
  • No time limit on dives (where practical)
  • Depth limited to qualifications and experience [40-meter limit]

Not Supplied:

  • Sofnolime
  • Unit-specific valves and tanks

Note: MBDE has a ‘no solo’ policy for rebreathers and decompression diving. Divers must dive with a qualified buddy.