Deep Reef Exploratory

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7 Nights – 28 Dives. An exploratory expedition to the plummeting walls of Holmes, Bougainville and Osprey Reefs. It is highly suitable for recreational divers, as well as the rebreather and technical divers.

  • Holmes – Large caverns decorated with colourful soft corals.
    Dozens of grey & silvertips at the shark attraction.
    Descend the spectacular Nonki Bommie thrusting up from 35m.
  • Bougainville – Spectacular big fish action at Crystal Plateau.
    Explore the Dungeons & Dragons, labyrinth of caves and caverns.
    Dive the scattered remains of MV Antonio Tarabocchia.
  • Osprey – Photograph the rare and ancient Osprey Nautilus.
    3 shark attraction dives, 100’s of sharks.
    False Entrance – spectacular topography, visibility & pelagics.
    Witness the amazing Amphitheatre shark frenzy.
  • Night time seminars on hyperbaric medicine & deep diving by
    tech dive specialist Prof. Simon Mitchell & Capt. T. Jackson.
  • Ribbons Reef’s dives of outstanding marine biodiversity.

Get Spoilt:

Spoilsport is Australia’s most awarded liveaboard.
Enjoy sumptuous cuisine and a superb combination of diver conveniences, space & stability.

7 Night Deep Reef Expedition

Suitable for recreational divers plus rebreather and technical divers. Diving support includes nitrox, solo diving pony bottle rigs and rebreather service and consumables.


Your Hosts

Professor Simon Mitchell & Captain Trevor Jackson of the ‘Centaur’ fame. In 2002 Trevor & Simon rewrote history books when they dove to 178m for 5 hours to discover the truth about this famed hospital ship. This dive is still unparalleled in Australia. Several seminars on hyperbaric medicine & deep diving.

Holmes Reef - Coral Sea

Cruise 120 miles east to the deep clear Coral Sea territory. At ‘Amazing’ descend to a ‘fishbowl’ of shallow white sand with a myriad of marine life. The shark dive attracts grey reef & silvertip sharks. Spiral down ‘Nonki’ pinnacle through fish schools to caves festooned with soft corals at 35m.


Bougainville Reef - Coral Sea

Bougainville has something for everyone. Plummeting clear blue waters, giant Queensland Groupers, wall dives, drift dives and more. There’s a wreck to visit and canyons to explore. A remote reef which is rarely visited and awesome to see. Sites we will visit: Dungeons & Dragons, Southern Wall and Silver Slope

Osprey Reef - Coral Sea

Witness the amazing Amphitheatre shark frenzy. You can photograph these sleek high order predators at close- range, or not so close, you choose! Spectacular topography, visibility & pelagics at False Entrance. Sites visiting: South Osprey, North Horn, Admiralty  Anchor and more…

Deep Sea Arcade

Flagship technical dive, Deep Sea Arcade is a spectacular 400 metre long overhanging cliff face that defies belief. In depths ranging from 55 to 75 metres, this site is suitable for advanced technical divers. Bring your camera and capture your own ‘cover shot’ of the stunning fan formations. Recreational divers will be able to dive the West Wall at North Horn.

Great Barrier Reef

This isn’t deep reef, but it’s some of the world’s best tropical reefs and a must see on our itinerary. We’ll spend the last day exploring and enjoying the diversity of the Great Barrier Reef’s Ribbon Reefs, visiting some prime sites including Flare Point and Steve’s Bommie. Get your camera ready.

Returning to Cairns

Disembark Thursday 8:00am at Trinity Wharf, Cairns.

Courtesy transfers are provided from the vessel to the Mike Ball office, inner city hotel locations and the Cairns Domestic and International Airports.

Dive Site Guarantee!

Spoilsport’s outstanding stability minimizes disruption to your itinerary and your scuba diving experience. If weather forces an itinerary change we divert to the best, ‘safe, accessible sites’ to ensure you get the best scuba diving available. 9% of Coral Sea itineraries are diverted to the Great Barrier Reef.

All itinerary details are subject to change, specific marine life cannot be guaranteed.

Photo & Video Credits: Simon Mitchell, Damien Siviero, Mike Ball, Howard Womersley.

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Exploratory Diving
Advanced Divers
Thursday 6pm – Trinity Wharf, Cairns.
(Check-in before 4pm at the Mike Ball office).
Thursday 8am – Trinity Wharf, Cairns
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