Far North Wreck Expedition - Torres Straits to Cairns

11 – 18 December 2014. Suits: Advanced Divers. Follow in the wake of the great explorers, navigators and mutineers on this 7 night expedition from the Torres Strait Islands to Cairns. Explore remote reefs and rarely visited wrecks, including the fantastic RMS Quetta, the diving jewel of the far north.

Wake of the Navigators Wreck Expedition featuring:

  • 7 night expedition from Torres Straits to Cairns,
  • Focus on diving amazing Great Barrier Reef wrecks,
  • Best fish & coral biodiversity,
  • Explore the RMS Quetta wreck,
  • Diving at SS Mecca, Volga and SS Fenstanton,
  • Historic route down Queensland’s north east coast,
  • Guaranteed access to restricted dive sites,
  • Superior vessel stability in adverse weather conditions,
  • All dives over 100 miles north of Cairns.

7 Night Navigators Wreck Expedition

This trip is suitable for experienced and robust recreational divers and technical divers alike. Diving support includes nitrox, solo diving pony bottle rigs and rebreather service and consumables. Visit amazing, remote reef sites and dive historic wrecks on the Great Barrier Reef during this 7 night adventure.

What awaits you?

Be part of a team of passionate underwater adventure divers, following in the wake of the great explorers, navigators and mutineers. Explore a rare collection of remote reefs and rarely visited wrecks that most divers can only dream about. A unique diving adventure.

Thursday Island

This is the administrative hub of the Torres Strait Islands, a region rich in cultural and nautical history. The 18 islands comprising the Torres Straits are connected by a labyrinth of tropical reefs. Many ships foundered in these waters and many sea faring tales started here.

SS Fenstanton

The SS Fenstanton was travelling from Newcastle to Singapore when she hit Morsley Rock in the Torres Straits on 30 September 1884. Stranded, the Fenstanton took the brunt of the weather and tides and slowly settled into the sea.


The Volga is a rarely visited wreck that offers divers a treasure trove of history and marine life. Lost in 1890 the 1698 ton Volga lies in 5 – 10m of water. You’ll enjoy exploring its remains in the company of many types of schooling fish.

SS Mecca / Phoenix

One rock, two wrecks. These two historical vessels lie superimposed on one another on Mecca Rock, just north of Thursday Island. In 1855 the 40m timber paddle steam Phoenix was the rock’s first casualty. 14 years later, the much larger SS Mecca hit the wreck of the Phoenix and sank. Historical artifacts, a giant paddle wheel and an array of Chinese coins are still seen on this unique dive site.

RMS Quetta

The RMS Quetta sank on the night of 28 February 1890, after striking an uncharted rock. At the time, it was Queensland’s worst maritime disaster. Today, the RMS Quetta lies on her port side in 18m of water and is an excellent dive site in terms of wreck, reef and fish. The wreck diving jewel of the far north.

HMAS Warrnambool

In the clean up efforts following the war, the HMAS Warrnambool struck a mine near Cockburn Reef and sank. 4 lives were lost.  After a stellar war record, the Warrnambool now lies on her port side in 25 metres of water, resplendent with her military hardware and artifacts in place. The 50 metre long mine-sweeping Corvette gives the discerning wreck diver the rarest of opportunities – to dive one of the only genuine, intact warship wrecks in Australian waters.

Returning to Cairns

Disembark Thursday 8:00am at Trinity Wharf, Cairns.

Courtesy transfers are provided from the vessel to the Mike Ball office, inner city hotel locations and the Cairns Domestic and International Airports.

Dive Site Guarantee!

Spoilsport’s outstanding stability minimizes disruption to your itinerary and your scuba diving experience. If weather forces an itinerary change we divert to the best, ‘safe, accessible sites’ to ensure you get the best scuba diving available.

All itinerary details are subject to change, specific marine life cannot be guaranteed.

Sorry no dive site map yet.

Wake of the Navigators Wreck Expedition – Torres Straits to Cairns: 11 – 18 December 2014 *

Reef Tax $18 (includes Environmental Management Charge and administration fee)
Fuel Levy $0 (A fuel levy may be charged on this trip. Please ask for more details at time of enquiry / booking).

PADI Advanced Diver$280
PADI Deep Diver$310
PADI Nitrox$310
PADI Discover Scuba (Resort)$50 per dive (conditions apply). Not available during Minke Season.
PADI Underwater Photography$260
PADI Underwater Naturalist - No pre-bookings, subject to availability onboard.$220
PADI Self-Reliant Diver - No pre-bookings, subject to availability onboard.$310
Photo Services
Camera Rentals & Extras
Canon GX7 MK2 / Olympus TG5$40/day
USB Stick - 8GB$12
Personalized Photos$100
Personalized Video $250 (Max 4 people)
Private Shark Shooter Dive (Coral Sea only)$75pp
Hire Gear
Reg, Ocy, Gauges$15/day
Snorkel Gear$5/day
Safety Sausage (SMB)No charge
Nautilus Lifeline GPSNo charge
All of the above$44/day
2L (13 cu.ft) Pony Bottle + Reg$15/day
15L (120 cu.ft) Steel Bottle$25/day
Nitrox Fills$25/day
Extra Charges
EMC (Environmental Management Charge) $8.00/day (max 3 days)
Yongala Mooring $13.55/day
Sole Occupancy Berth cost + 80%
Fuel Levy - Standard Expeditions$0 (subject to change)
Private Shark Shoot (Coral Sea expeditions only)$75pp
Personal Dive Guides$350/day (not available during Minke Season)
Nitrox Fills$25/day
Bar and Ship Shop PurchasesVariable
Hire GearVariable; see below table
CoursesVariable; see below table
Photo ServicesVariable; see below table
Hire Gear - Sizes
BCDAqualung Wave x5 sizes.
FinsTechnisub Stratos (full foot) x6 sizes. We recommend wearing sturdy or neoprene socks with full foot fins.
Wetsuits5mm full length steamer. 6 male and 6 female sizes. Includes 3mm hood.
Non-diver10% (not applicable on Minke Whale expeditions)
Non-diving child (8-15 years)25% (10% during Minke Whale season)
Global Shark Diving5% (must quote card number)
Airline Staff5%
First Responders5%
Serving Military (Australia Only)20%
Dive Industry Staff (Australia Only)$200.00
Agents / Media / ResearchersOn Application
Discounts applicable to cruise fares only, are only accepted at time of booking and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Proof of employment is required.

Fitting extra small and extra large people can be difficult. Please bring your own equipment if concerned about fit. View Sizes chart


Remote Reefs and Wrecks
Advanced Divers
Thursday 11 December 2014 - Horn Island
Thursday 18 December 2014 - 8am, Trinity Wharf Cairns
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