Peace On The Reef

Reef systems around the world are undoubtedly under enormous pressure. Rising sea temperatures, increased storm activity, nutrient runoff, plastic pollution, and overfishing to name but a few. Here at Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, we are obviously very concerned about these impacts on our precious reefs, and we recognise that we need to do everything possible to preserve it.

Above the water we make conscious decisions in our daily lives striving to mitigate any negative impacts we make upon our environment; we now need you to continue with that very same care as you descend beneath the surface.

Onboard you will be briefed and reminded as to just how fragile our coral reefs are and to get you thinking immediately on how best to avoid any contact or negative impact …

By the end of the briefing, you will be able to identify –

Harmful Dive Activities –

Helpful Dive Attitudes –

Practical Dive Solutions –

And finally, ‘Peace on Reef’ –

Find out more about Mike Ball Dive Expeditions Environmental Management Policy.