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7 - 11 March 2019
- JS

Conditions Report


30m / 98ft

Water temperature

28°C / 82°F

Guest Reviews

Julie Latimer - Australia

Friendly and safety conscious crew. I've been on lots of Live Aboards and this was by far the best crew!

Jan and Hanmi Meyer - USA

The staff were very professional and focused, but still lots of fun! The sites looked healthy and the sea life was amazingly diverse.

Diana Ho - Australia

The efforts of the crew to ensure maximum enjoyment. All the crew were enthusiastic and super friendly.

March delivers!

From the dive deck – By Kiana Saltarelli

The Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef welcomed Spoilsport back this week with schools of barracuda, big eye trevally and unicorn fish in the hundreds. A juvenile spotted eagle ray swam past divers at False Entrance, two silvertip sharks graced the waters at North Horn, and photographers caught the act of cuttlefish laying eggs amongst the corals of Coral Kingdom.

11 - 14 March 2019
- JS

Conditions Report


20m / 66ft

Water temperature

28°C / 82°F

Guest Reviews

Virginia Scott - Australia

The care of the crew the minute we got off the plane, dive brief, checking of our dive skills. Everyone worked so hard to make sure it was perfect, and it was!

Justin Wigg - USA

The crew was top notch and made the trip uncomparable. In addition to providing an amazing and safe diving experience, the on board experience was a blast! I know why MB comes so highly recommended, and I will be continuing to pass along the high praise.

Bill & Cindy Marhofer - USA

The staff and the attention to detail made this trip one to remember. Everyone always had a smile on their face. Great crew and the boat was extremely comfortable.

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