COVID-19 Travel Update


Last Updated  25th  March 2020         03:00pm AEST

URGENT: Mike Ball Dive Expeditions COVID-19 Suspended Travel and Update

Firstly I’d like to say my heartfelt thoughts go out to you all, your friends, family and loved ones; furthermore the people who are putting themselves on the front line, be it healthcare workers or local community groups helping the sick and needy. A great many of you have travelled with us multiple times and those that haven’t, we encourage you to be patient during these trying times but not to lose faith in what lies ahead. Mike Ball Dive Expeditions have been offering exceptional dive expeditions for over 50 years and we intend to stay around for many more.

The rapid escalation of COVID-19 has seen the Australian government via emergency cabinet meetings, react and update its procedures, policy and safety measures from weekly to daily. These changes have impacted dramatically on how we conduct our day to day business and ultimately have mapped out the short-term future of Mike Ball Dive Expeditions. As such Mike Ball Dive Expeditions are suspending all expeditions and are placing the company in a ‘key start’ position whereby we will come back online as soon as the government declares it safe and lifts travel bans both domestically and internationally.

All future bookings, at this stage, are suspended while the Government restrictions are in place.

Credits for bookings Impacted has the following offer applied –

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate through these unchartered waters. Regular updates will be emailed out and posted to the website as they become relevant.

Stay safe and healthy.

Yours Sincerely,

Craig Stephen
Managing Director


Please contact our reservation staff with further concerns.  Phone:+61 7 4053 0500     Email: