Fly Dive Coral Sea

4 Nights / 14 Dives. Australia’s best adventure diving for advanced divers.

A: Standard Itinerary:

  • All dives 150 miles north of Cairns.
  • Cod Hole, Goggle Gardens & Snake Pit.
  • Coral Sea walls with huge soft corals.
  • Big fish action in 40 metre viz. at Osprey.
  • 2-3 shark attraction dives, 100’s of sharks.
  • False Entrance, deep wall pelagic action.
  • Stunning 250km low-level Great Barrier Reef flight from Lizard Is. to Cairns. (Luggage)

Or B: Fair Weather Itinerary, September – January  (except May Nautilus observation dates).
Weather permitting, our best selection of Coral Sea dives at Holmes, Bougainville & Osprey.

  • Great Barrier Reef not included in Fair Weather Itinerary.
    Potato cod also seen at Bougainville & Osprey.
  • Holmes – Large caverns decorated with colourful soft corals.
    Dozens of grey & silvertips at the ‘Amazing’ shark attraction.
    Descend the spectacular Nonki Bommie thrusting up from 35m.
  • Bougainville – Plummeting clear blue waters, giant potato cod.
    Spectacular big fish action at Crystal Plateau.
    Explore the Dungeons & Dragons labyrinth of caves & caverns.
    Dive the scattered remains of MV Antonio Tarabocchia
  • Osprey 2-3 shark attraction dives, see 100’s of sharks.
    Includes Passive Attraction, Shark Feed & Private Shark Shoot.
    Spectacular topography, visibility & pelagics at False Entrance.
    Big fish action in 40 meter visibility.
  • Stunning 250km low-level Great Barrier Reef flight from Lizard Is. to Cairns. (Luggage)


What awaits you?

As the sun sets over the coastal port city of Cairns, you’ll board Mike Ball’s Spoilsport to begin your epic diving adventure. Meet the crew, mingle with guests and settle into your cabin as you cruise overnight to your first dive.

Goggle Gardens - Ribbon Reefs - Great Barrier Reef

Goggle Gardens is a diverse site requiring more than one dive; spectacular coral formations rise from the depths of the ancient ‘starky river’ adorning walls, bommies and sandy flats to the reef edge crevasses.

Snake Pit - Ribbon Reefs - Great Barrier Reef

An isolated platform reef shoaling up to form a number of deep coral bommies festooned with multi coloured crinoids. Olive sea snakes are commonly found and are both very curious and very complacent, allowing the more adventurous diver and photographer to get very close indeed!

Cod Hole - Ribbon Reefs - Great Barrier Reef

One of the Great Barrier Reefs most amazing phenomenons awaits you at the Cod Hole, where you’ll swim with ‘small diver size’ potato cod. Spend the dive amongst shallow, sunlit coral gardens or venture deeper into the parallel gullies where huge Queensland groupers face into the current.

Fairy Grotto - Osprey Reef - Coral Sea

Explore plummeting reef walls in gin clear water at the Fairy Grotto. This dive site offers a great introduction to Osprey Reef with lots of small caverns and swim throughs.

Admiralty Anchor - Osprey Reef - Coral Sea

Glide past huge black coral trees, giant feathery soft corals, golden fans and red whips housed along the plummeting walls. Swim amongst schools of giant trevally, dog-tooth tuna, blue spot trevally, barracuda or bumphead parrotfish. Observe or be observed by the many shark species in the area.

False Entrance - Osprey Reef - Coral Sea

False Entrance is another amazing dive site! Other than the resident schooling big eye trevally and barracudas, which make for a great photo opportunity, there’s colorful gorgonian fans, whips and soft corals. Keep one eye out on the blue water for cruising hammerheads in the cooler months.

North Horn - Osprey Reef - Coral Sea

Exciting shark action in the Coral Sea! Your Osprey Reef adventure builds to a climax with a spectacular shark dive at North Horn. You will see 10-30 grey reef sharks, white-tip reef sharks as well as other species. You can photograph these sleek high order predators at close- range, or not so close, you choose!

Fair Weather Itinerary

Weather permitting our best selection of Coral Sea dives, at Holmes, Bougainville & Osprey. Max out on viz, pelagics & sharks. Great Barrier Reef not included in Fair Weather Itinerary.

Amazing - Holmes Reef - Coral Sea

Pristine white sand slopes up from the depths until cut off by tall bommies that lead to the shallow reef wall patrolled by grey reef and silver tip sharks. The wall is peppered with beautifully arched passageways big enough to fit a small car.

Nonki Bommie - Holmes Reef - Coral Sea

Soft corals and sea fan enthusiasts will get their fill on this dive. A big bommie coming up to the surface from 35 meters with a big crack in the middle. The canyon created by the crack in the middle is full of giant yellow and orange sea fans. In the distance sharks circle the bommie to complete the recipe for an amazing dive.

A. Tarabocchia - Bougainville Reef - Coral Sea

Bougainville has something for everyone. Plummeting clear blue waters, giant Queensland Groupers, wall dives, drift dives and more. There’s a wreck to visit and canyons to explore. A remote reef which is rarely visited and awesome to see. Sites we will visit: Dungeons & Dragons, Southern Wall and Silver Slope.

Returning to Cairns

End your epic diving adventure with a stunning, low-level flight from Lizard Island back to Cairns. Half of your 150 mile flight is at a very low 180 meters (600ft) and we provide detailed flight maps so you can anticipate the low altitude pass over Endeavour Reef where Captain Cook ran aground.

Dive Site Guarantee!

Spoilsport’s outstanding stability minimizes disruption to your itinerary and your scuba diving experience. If weather forces an itinerary change we divert to the best, ‘safe, accessible sites’ to ensure you get the best scuba diving available. Unfavorable weather conditions prevent access to the Coral Sea 9% of the time. Most reliable Coral Sea access, September to January.

All itinerary details are subject to change, specific marine life cannot be guaranteed.

April 2016 – March 2017

Reef Tax $6.50/day
Fuel Levy $0

April 2017 – March 2018

Reef Tax $6.50/day
Fuel Levy $0

Openwater Referral (PADI)$245
Openwater Referral (non-PADI)$350
PADI Scuba Diver Upgrade$350
PADI Open Water Diver (3 Night Expeditions only)$395
PADI Advanced Diver$215
PADI Nitrox$325 or $200 Referral (incl 3 days free fills). NB referral is from shop (not elearning).
PADI Discover Scuba (Resort)1 free per day (conditions apply). Not available during Minke Season.
PADI Underwater Photography$250
PADI Underwater Naturalist$220
SDI Easy Nitrox$275 (incl 3 days free fills)
SDI Solo Diver$220
Photo Services
Camera Rentals & Extras
Canon G16$60/day
USB Stick - 16GB$15
Holiday Video & Photos
Standard Holiday Trip - DVD$80
Purchase of Second DVD$40
Personalized Holiday Trip - DVD$250 (Max 4 people)
Personal Holiday Photographs$100
Photo CD$50
Purchase of second photo CD$25
Hire Gear
Reg, Ocy, Gauges$15/day
Snorkel Gear$5/day
Safety Sausage (SMB)$10/trip
Cyalume Light Stick$2/each
Nautilus Lifeline GPSNo charge
All of the above$44/day
2L (13 cu.ft) Pony Bottle + Reg$15/day
15L (120 cu.ft) Steel Bottle$25/day
Nitrox Fills$75 for the 3 or 4 night/ $150 for a week
Extra Charges
Reef Tax$6.50/day
Sole OccupancyBerth cost + 70%
Fuel Levy - Standard Expeditions$0 (subject to change)
Fuel Levy - 7 Night Northern Reef Exploratories$44/pp (subject to change)
Yongala Environment Charge$13.55/day
Personal Dive Guides$250/day (+ berth cost for guide) or $50/dive.
Nitrox FillsSee below
Hire GearSee below
CoursesSee below
Photo ServicesSee below
Special Catering Admin Fee$30/trip
Bar and Ship Shop PurchasesVariable
Hire Gear - Sizes
BCDAqualung Wave x5 sizes.
FinsTechnisub Stratos (full foot) x6 sizes. We recommend wearing sturdy or neoprene socks with full foot fins.
Wetsuits5mm full length steamer. 6 male and 6 female sizes. Includes 3mm hood.
Non-diver10% (not applicable on Minke Whale expeditions)
Non-diving child (8-15 years)25%
Global Shark Diving5% (must quote card number)
Airline Staff5%
Dive Industry Staff$200.00
Agents / Media / ResearchersVariable discounts offered
Discounts are only accepted at time of booking and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Proof of employment is required.

Fitting extra small and extra large people can be difficult. Please bring your own equipment if concerned about fit. View Sizes chart


Sample itinerary, subject to change based on conditions.


  • Check in at our office (3 Abbott St, Cairns) between 8.30am and 4pm.
  • From 4.00 pm:  Make your own way to Mondos Café, Bar & Grill (200m from MBDE office) to meet your fellow passengers.  Please note that dinner is not provided on the first evening so you may wish to eat before boarding.
  • 5.50 pm: Our crew will lead you from Mondos to board Spoilsport.  Enjoy a glass of champagne and light snacks while your Trip Director provides a full briefing.
  • 6.00 pm:  Spoilsport departs Cairns
  • Time to organise any rental equipment and put your dive gear together on the dive deck.

Friday:  (4 dives + night dive)

This is a sample of a ‘typical day’, however exact times may vary to optimise the prevailing weather conditions on the day.

  • 6.30 am: Wake up call, light breakfast available in dining room
  • 7:00 am: Dive brief & diving commences
  • 9.00 am: Full cooked breakfast
  • 10.30 am: Dive briefing & dive. “Open decks” accommodate 1-2 dives either am or pm
  • 2.00 pm: Lunch
  • 3.30 pm: Dive brief & diving
  • 4:30 pm: Afternoon tea
  • 6:30 pm: Night dive brief & dive
  • 8:00 pm: Dinner

Saturday:  (4 dives + night dive)

  • As per above

Sunday: (4 dives)

  • As per above. Exit last dive by 5pm.
  • As the sun sets we pour the champagne, lay out the nibbles and get ready for an Aussie BBQ party night. Don’t forget to wear your loudest tropical shirt or dress and sing along to music played by our talented crew.
  • Overnight cruise to Lizard Island.


  • 7.00 am: Light breakfast
  • 8:00 am: Disembark Spoilsport. Our crew will walk you to the airport on Lizard Island.
  • 9.30 am: Board a light aircraft for a low level flight over the reef back to Cairns (flight time approx. 1 hour).
  • 10.30 am: Land Cairns and courtesy transfer to inner Cairns city hotels, the airport or our office where we can store your luggage until 5pm if you have a later flight.


  • We recommend that you allow 24 hours between your last dive and your onward flight (all diving is finished by 5pm Sunday).
  • A luggage allowance applies to the flight from Cairns to Lizard Island:
    • 25kg / 55lb per person plus 3kg / 6.5lb – carry on.
    • An additional 10kg/22lb is allowed for professional photo/video housed systems.
Adventure Diving
Advanced, or 10 logged ocean dives inc. 5 in last 12 months
Thursday 6pm – Trinity Wharf, Cairns.
(Check-in before 4pm at the Mike Ball office.)
Monday 11am - Cairns
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