April 2014 on the Great Barrier Reef

Before the Ink Dries
By Captain Trevor Jackson

People can be a little quirky sometimes can’t they? When I was a boy I had a friend who loved to ride his bike right up close behind the school bus because he loved the smell of diesel. Another guy I knew committed to memory the number plates of every person he ever came in contact with…he could literally rattle of hundreds of them and never miss a digit or a letter.

Me, well I’ve always loved the smell of a freshly printed magazine….just like the one you’re holding…straight of the press and full of potential. The date on the front of this particular magazine should read May 2014, and if it’s early in the month and the ink is still fresh…then it’s not too late. Spoilsport is just weeks away from the much anticipated Yongala expeditions; trips that will no doubt prove to be wreck divers delight. Four separate itineraries, each with a unique flavour, taking in not only the best wreck dive in the world, but a few other little gems to sweeten the pot.

Depending on the trip you choose, the wrecks of the Lady Bowen or the SS Gothenburg may also end up as entries in your dive log. We will also be visiting the finest reef dives we can find just to balance things out. Each trip is three days long and will include the rare opportunity to dive the Yongala at night. Time however, is of the essence. Pick up this magazine and hold it close to your face, if it still smells fresh off the press you may still be able to get aboard. The first expedition departs Cairns on May 15. But you’d better be quick, put down this magazine and pick up the phone, there are only days left. Dust off your dive gear and start dreaming of the deep blue. You’d better get hurry on, before the ink dries.

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