February 2013 on the Great Barrier Reef

Captains Log, January 6, 2013, 2310 hrs”
Captain Trevor Jackson

I’ve just spent the last few hours with some of my best friends standing on the top deck looking at the silhouetted hills of Mount Adolphus Island gradually brighten as the moon rose. There’s something about this place…I used to daydream about being here as a young sailor, and there it is, just 200 metres off the bow.  Tomorrow we dive the greatest wreck in Queensland.

The RMS Quetta lies just a mile and a half away in a channel with the trickiest currents in the world. It’s like flicking on a switch……..one second there’s no current, the next 3 knots.  An hour later it just stops again. Somehow in the morning, we have to work out how to dive in that, if we are to actually reach this milestone.
The trip has taken us 8 days so far. Eight days that now seem like a lifetime. We’ve seen so many awesome sights along the way: Great Detached Reef, the HMS Pandora wreck, the mysterious remains of the HMAS Warrnambool, then on to Mount Adolphus Island. Here we now sit on the eve of possibly the greatest dive we will ever do. They say it’s better than Yongala, they say it’s a 12 out of 10 dive, they say once you’ve done it, hang up your fins for good………I won’t have time to write about it tomorrow, but I will take you some pictures……………….”

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