Global Shark Diving and The Cairns Underwater Film Festival

Global Shark Diving operators were major sponsors of the Cairns Underwater Film Festival 2014 The festival combines The Great Barrier Reef Photo and Video competition with a film festival evening showcasing underwater imagery from around the world. The not for profit festival, donated AUD $25,000 to: the Minke Whale Project; the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation and the Tangaroa Blue Foundation

The winner of the Creative Category, Christian Coulombe from Tahiti recently took his prize a 7 night Coral Sea Safari expedition with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions. Christian had attended the Tahiti festival of Oceanian films last year, where he watched the film “Life on the reef”. He was very much interested by the shark feeding sequence as it is completely different to the way they do it in Tahiti. Christian enthused “So when I discovered I was going to be so lucky to do a shark feeding dive myself with Mike Ball Expeditions, I was so happy! It’s a great experience at all times to be in the water among 50 sharks orbiting around the bait and a great opportunity to take great pictures too! The organisation of that dive and the constant care about the divers’ security are excellent. A real challenge! This contributes very much to the knowledge of divers about sharks – and the importance of shark protection.” Christian concludes “I wish you the best in your shark diving program.”

Thanks to Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions, Beqa Adventure Divers, Nautilus Belle Amie and Mike Ball Dive Expeditions. Global Shark Diving has contributed to raising funds for whale research, turtle rehabilitation and the health of the marine environment, including marine debris.


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