January 2015 on the Great Barrier Reef

Both Bases Covered 

Captain Trevor Jackson

Osprey Reef, Ribbon Reefs and Minke Interactions – 3 nights, 4 nights & 7 nights.

They were and are, fantastic dive trips and we are very adept at running them.

Recently though, the vessel staff received a memo from the office suggesting that not all staff were totally familiar with the products we are currently offering the diving public. I have to confess, I hadn’t kept track of just how far our product development had come in the last few years. Mike Ball Dive Expeditions has evolved from 4 to 14 diverse dive expeditions. I jumped on the website to compile this quick rundown:

  •  2 Night Yongala wreck (departs Townsville)
  • 4 Night Yongala + Gothenburg wrecks
  • 3 Night Yongala + Wheeler Reef
  • 4 Night Yongala + Lady Bowen wrecks
  • 4 & 7 Night Nautilus interaction at Osprey Reef
  • 7 Night Raine Island Turtle Spectacular
  • 7 Night Deep Reefs (with Professor Simon Mitchell, including Holmes and Bougainville Reefs)
  • 4 & 7 Night Shark Shooter with Damien Siviero (shark photography special)
  • 7 Night Northern Reef Exploratory (including the rarely dived Tijou Reef)
  • 7 Night Coral Sea Exploratory
  • 3, 4 & 7 Night Minke Whale interactions (in June / July)
  • 3 Night Fly Dive Cod Hole (Ribbon Reefs)
  • 4 Night Fly Dive Coral Sea (Osprey Reef)
  • 7 Night Coral Sea Safari (Osprey Reef and Ribbon Reefs)

That’s some product list to get ones head around, and it sure says something about a company that continues to evolve in order to ensure they are giving divers the very best underwater experiences on planet earth. There’s some extraordinary expeditions in that list, and it encompasses the entire gamut of diving genres: Reef, Wreck, Deep, Photography, Tech, you name it, it can be done straight off the back deck of Spoilsport.

My wife and I have recently considered starting our own business. She’s a very serious woman so she’s done a fair bit of research into the matter. One of the fundamental principles she continues to stumble across goes along the lines of ‘It’s great if you can reinvent the wheel, but if you can’t ……just do things better than the competition’.

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions customer service is world famous. That fact, coupled with the above heavily evolved product list, should suggest to the discerning diving public, that Mike Ball Dive Expeditions pretty much has both bases covered.

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