July 2017 on the Great Barrier Reef

Before the Ink Dries
Captain Trevor Jackson

People can be a little quirky sometimes can’t they? When I was a boy I had a friend, who loved to ride his bike right up close behind the school bus because he loved the smell of diesel. Another guy I knew committed to memory the number plates of every person he ever came in contact with… he could literally rattle of hundreds of them and never miss a digit or a letter.

Me? Well I’ve always loved the smell of a freshly printed magazine…. just like the one you’re holding. Straight off the press and full of potential. The date on the front of this particular magazine should read July 2017, and if its early in the month and the ink is still fresh; then it’s not too late. Spoilsport is smack in the middle of the season, the season for the best wildlife interaction IN THE WORLD.

That’s right folks it’s Minke time! For 6 weeks of the year the fun loving, eye popping, “get in close and say g’day” Dwarf Minke Whales visit us up here in Far North Queensland. And of course, when they do, they are prone to getting “Right up IN YOUR FACE”. It’s a life changing experience that never ever fails to blow minds. On top of that, during each expedition we also visit the finest reef dives on the whole Great Barrier Reef; just to balance things out. Time, however, is of the essence. Pick up this magazine and hold it close to your face; if it still smells fresh off the press, you may still be able to get aboard. But you’d better be quick, put down this mag and pick up the phone, there are only days left. Dust off your dive gear and start dreaming of the deep blue. You’d better get a hurry on, before the ink dries.

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