June 2017 on the Great Barrier Reef

The Premier Crew

Captain Trevor Jackson

I recently had Foxsports installed at home. For me there’s nothing better than coming home from a trip and having all the previous week’s NRL games available for the man cave when the boat gets in. Yep, a self-confessed NRL nut me, that in turn drives my darling wife nuts…but that’s another story.

The other night on one of the associated broadcasts the ‘panel’ were discussing how and why some teams seem to do well one year and not so well the next despite there being little change in the team lineup…They talked about things they called the ‘one percenters’…strategies teams utilized that were thought to enhance their performance by ‘up to’ one percent…Amongst these, were post game ice baths, flash dressing rooms and well mowed practise pitches.

Then one of the shows presenters began to speak about a recent study that showed a team’s performance was directly related to their commitment to each other… And that a team that was fully committed to doing the best for the man beside them [and not for themselves] would perform 20 percent better than a team full of self absorbed individuals.

TWENTY PERCENT!!!! That was more than things you might expect to be the big factors, like coaching staff or big fat pay checks…The team that does it for each other does better!!!!

I was thinking about this concept the other night as I was going through the on board ‘feedback forms’. Each trip we ask guests to help us evolve our service by giving us an honest and frank appraisal of their trip…and the one thing that appears on virtually EVERY form…’crew were the best thing about the expedition’…That’s not to say that the food, diving and vessel aren’t great…but it’s the crew that gets the gold medal every time. Now you will find outstanding crews on dive boats all over the world, and north Queensland has them in droves, but this crew, on this boat…have the type of commitment to each other that the Foxsports presenters were talking about…they’ve got each other’s backs and their commitment to excellence is peerless…as dive crews go, they’re this year’s premiers.

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