November 2014 On the Great Barrier Reef

There’s Still Time
Captain Trevor Jackson


If you’re reading this and the ink is still drying, our departure is just a week away. From Thursday Island in the Torres Straits to Cairns, diving 6 historically significant shipwrecks and the single best reef dive on the entire GBR (okay that last bit is just my opinion but what the heck, it’s worth pointing out).

Yes its time, the Wake of the Navigators 2014 Expedition is about to depart and the boat is full…well kind of. You see the crew who aren’t rostered on for this departure are all so keen to be onboard for it that they are squabbling over the last few beds. Now company policy is that the crew can join the expedition, as long as there is space. So it’s up for grabs. There technically are berths left, but there won’t be come December 11th.

What has got the crew so keen? A few years ago when we developed the concept of the Wake of the Navigators, we wanted to develop an expedition that took divers to places that one simply cannot ordinarily get to. But it wasn’t enough to just go wreck diving. Hard core shipwreck enthusiasts are in general also history buffs and amateur archaeologists. We wanted to bolster that end of our service as well, so we decided to try a little value-adding by staging onboard seminars that would both entertain and educate. What better way to end a day’s diving than to sit back with your beverage of choice and listen to some genuine experts discuss the events and discoveries of the day…that was the original concept, and we’re sticking to it.
This year our onboard lecturers are arguably the two leading lights in Australian maritime history. Ed Slaughter and Andy Viduka both come with impeccable credentials as shipwreck experts from the Qld Museum in Townsville, and both will enthrall us with tales of tragedy and mayhem on the high seas, as we make our way southward over 7 nights and 6 fabulous days of diving. But like i said the trip is full, well unless you wanted to bump one of the crew off. If the ink is still drying on this article…there’s still time.


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