October 2016 on the Great Barrier Reef

The High Seas

Captain Trevor Jackson

So I was reading on the internet, or watching one of those little 90 second videos on the internet, or both, about how we as a society are focussing on the negative, ALL of the time. How media, both social and mainstream, devotes its time to unveiling the antics of the worst of humanity. The 0.0001% of the entire race that does all the bad stuff… the crooks, the terrorists, the reality TV folk… and how we are tending to see ourselves as like them; as a race. And you know what? It’s kind of true. Life can get kind of doom and gloomy when you focus on things that aren’t good. We bitch constantly about the state of the country yet in reality the country is great (so is ‘America’ by the way Donald) and if we compare our lives to 75 percent of the world we are absolutely siting pretty.

So now there’s this push online to get folk to start pointing out the good in the world instead of just the bad. Instead of bitching about say airline delays, or how long your bank kept you on hold to India; brighten our day with cool stuff. Some good service you got; where to find the best cup of coffee in town (whilst refraining from posting a photo of it and your side dish of chips); something that made you smile. So now it’s my turn…a tiny rant about what is good in my current world…

Let’s start with the view...looking out the window I can see the beach at Lizard Island and some folks climbing a sun drenched hill. The job...obviously THE best in the world coz I’m the skipper of a big fat dive boat that goes places no one else does. My crew...also the best in the world and all very busy right now keeping the operation humming. The boat… large spacious, super clean – a genuine offshore weapon. The reef…fantastic, vibrant, full of energy and life. The future…interesting, just like a future should be. That is about all i can think of right now. Except one more thing… I know where you can get the best coffee in town…right outside my door and across the saloon, the best flat white on the high seas…..

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