Post Cyclone Ita Update

We were fortunate that recent Cyclone Ita did not blow quite as hard as expected and although both Lizard Island and the Ribbon Reefs have sustained some damage, the results are better than expected. The Coral Sea reefs, Lighthouse Bommie, Snake Pit and Steve’s Bommie were not affected by Cyclone Ita.

The Cod Hole has sustained some storm damage and the more fragile corals have broken.  However, this is part of the natural cycle of the reef and we are confident that it will re-grow.  The reef structure is still strong and supporting a variety of coral species including the slower growing corals that will benefit from the access to more sunlight.  The fish species are still healthy and abundant. The most anticipated aspect of the dive, the Potato Cod are still around and still as friendly and camera ready as ever.

Many guests listed the Cod Hole as one of their favorite dive sites from the expedition and all enjoyed diving the Great Barrier Reef.

Ross Parkhill “Dive highlights included the shark feed, swim-throughs and the Cod Hole”

Michael & Jennifer Tennican “The Great Barrier Reef is fantastic! The corals (despite a little storm damage in places) were gorgeous and the fishlife plentiful”.

Ruth Sutcliffe “It was great to see the wonderful dive sites all over again, and see that the reef survived Cyclone Ita. The wall dive at Osprey was brilliant!”

Lori Jansen “It was wonderful to discover the Great Barrier Reef’s pristine sites with a very supportive, safety conscious crew. Loved Acropolis and Steve’s Bommie”.

Below are some images taken from our latest expeditions.

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